Well, the Royals have had their baby boy and today he has a name. No doubt his name will influence a lot of baby boys born this year. It always happens. My father’s name was George and he was born at the time of another British king name George.
Congrats to the happy couple!
As for me, the only way I can make babies nowadays is to produce digital images of their lovely faces.
I’m showing some. I hope you like them.



Easily Distracted

3 up watermarkI hate it when I prove myself right! My first comments when I started this blog mentioned that I often start things – then everything goes to blah! I figured out it’s because I get easily distracted. Not in a bad way, I’m just so interested in EVERYTHING. I see a digital image that I admire and before I know it and trying to do something similar. Not copying – that would be nasty. But getting the light just right, or the colours vibrant, or learning how to make a line drawing from a photograph. It’s the constant learning process that keeps me alive. While I may never reach the epitome of a Rembrandt or any Master Artist I can admire and I can emulate.
So, with all this emulating I’m afraid this very new and very fragile blog has been left out in the cold for two weeks.
It’s so hot and summery right now in Ontario that it must surely be the time to watch Beach Volleyball.
I’m adding some images from my ETSY store – let me know if you like them.



HAGGLE verb: dispute or bargain persistently, especially over the cost of something.
Origin: late 16th century (in the sense ‘hack, mangle’): from Old Norse hǫggva ‘hew’.

(REMEMBER – always click on pictures to enlarge)
In some cultures it is not only accepted it is expected. And if we are to believe that the word’s origins date back to the 16th century then we can’t dismiss it as a Johnny Come Lately.
Do you Haggle?
Most people haggle over the price of a car. Some are very good at it. Some people haggle over the price of other large purchases. Fewer people will haggle over the price of a small item.
Where do you fall in this spectrum?
Have you ever haggled at a flea market? You have? It’s fun isn’t it!
I must admit I don’t come from the ‘expected’ kind of culture, but hey, why not give it a try. I’m willing. Are you?
For the next month I’m open to any kind of haggling. The more haggling the more fun.
The way to do it:
Go to my store on ETSY. Select a digital image item you are interesting in buying such as JAZZ AGE tags, presently priced at $2.50.

Then convo me through contact at ETSY with the dollar amount you are willing to pay. If I think it’s too low, I’ll convo back with my offer. Back and forth until we agree. Once we come to an agreement I’ll make a new exclusive listing just for you with a new price. Voila – we will have HAGGLED.
Whadda you think?



Moving along – Building the Blog

I’ve added pages.  I’ve added links.

Presently I have no idea what “Categories” are meant for, but I’m sure that in time all things will be revealed.

Today I would like to show examples of some of my work and also set-up a free image.  so here goes:

This first set of images is called “Home Help”.

They are all of darling children characters doing adult tasks.  Of course children love to copy adults at work.  Unfortunately,  as soon as they are capable of completing the task with any degree of precision they are no longer interested in doing it!

Nevertheless, it’s nice to remember.


As always – if you click on the picture it makes it larger for viewing.

I’ve chosen the Head Chef tag as a freebie.  You’ll find it on the Freebie page.