Easily Distracted

3 up watermarkI hate it when I prove myself right! My first comments when I started this blog mentioned that I often start things – then everything goes to blah! I figured out it’s because I get easily distracted. Not in a bad way, I’m just so interested in EVERYTHING. I see a digital image that I admire and before I know it and trying to do something similar. Not copying – that would be nasty. But getting the light just right, or the colours vibrant, or learning how to make a line drawing from a photograph. It’s the constant learning process that keeps me alive. While I may never reach the epitome of a Rembrandt or any Master Artist I can admire and I can emulate.
So, with all this emulating I’m afraid this very new and very fragile blog has been left out in the cold for two weeks.
It’s so hot and summery right now in Ontario that it must surely be the time to watch Beach Volleyball.
I’m adding some images from my ETSY store – let me know if you like them.


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