New is Nice

It’s true. New is nice. Of course old is very nice. That I know for sure because I’m old.

Today I’ve been trying to add some newness by updating my Art to Art store on Etsy. I’ve managed to design a new header, offer a new discount as well as added a couple of new listings.
If your sense of humour is similar to mine you might get a giggle out of my ‘Retirees Bookmarks’. As a retiree myself I know that I can have something in my hand and still be looking for it!
That’s how I thought of these bookmarks. It seems to me that if you have the bookmark in hand then the book should be close by!


I needed a cleaner looking header, one where I could mention my monthly discount special – so this is what I’ve decided on for now:


By the way the discount code for August until the 31st (30% OFF Wow!) is: AUGSPEC

Thanks for reading. Gotta go. Designing calls.


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