If at first you don’t succeed?

Well of course the answer is: try, try again. So here goes:

I truly did mean to offer that image for free. But I recognise that – no one would want it. It’s so small and completely useless, and yet I managed to do fine with my first post on the “freebie” page.
I really do have to try, try again .Blog Freebie

I’m still not sure if this is suitable. I would love to know if- by right clicking and copying – it survives at a 300 dpi resolution and can be printed at 8.5 x 11 inches.

Someone, somewhere, please tell me. I can receive a convo at my Etsy store.
Thank you


Mistake number: (Oh Gosh I must be in the millions by now!)

I tried to post my latest free offering on my Freebies page. Can’t figure out how.
Hope the prior post is sufficient.
It’s the thought that counts – isn’t it?

Trawling instead of Doing

Well as you can guess I’m not doing my trawling in a boat. My trawling is strictly confined to the Internet. I spend a lot more time than I should hovering over Pinterest. It constantly amazes me the variety of interests that I find there.
But, what else should I be DOING? Perhaps keeping up to date with blog might be a start!
When I started this blog I knew I would not be a prolific as I wished to be, because I get sidetracked too easily. Nevertheless I feel bad that I have not posted any FREEBIES since the first post, so I’m putting that right, right now!
I’ve made a compilation page of some of the items I offer on my ETSY STORE.
I’ll show it here and also on my FREEBIES page.
Just click and copy – no restrictions – just enjoy.
Blog Freebie