Right from the beginning I feared that I wouldn’t keep up what is required of a blog. Namely dedication.
I get so involved in all the other digital things I do that this poor blog gets neglected.
O.K. so I was thinking as a filled an order the other day. (Glad I was thinking!) Would it be helpful if I posted the instructions I have for buyers who purchase my editable images?
These instructions are for working in WORD. I have instructions for doing the same with Open Office on YouTube
Surely it would be helpful to some – so here goes.
Let’s see if I can copy and paste:
Insert Text into Images by Phyllis Inward Page 1
© By Phyllis Inward
Of Art to Art
How many times have you thought: “Yes I like that image but I would like to personalize it with MY OWN words.
Now you can with a program that you probably have on your computer:
Microsoft WORD.
It’s very easy.
1. Open up Word
2. Go to INSERT > Picture.
3. You will have saved the JPG file that you wish to edit to somewhere on your computer. Access this file.
4. It will appear on WORD’s page:
5. You can type on ANY image, but it’s better if there is an open space for YOUR WORDS.
6. Still with INSERT tab open – Click on the TEXT BOX. Select the “SIMPLE BOX”
Insert Text into Images by Phyllis Inward Page 2
7 Click inside box and start to type.
Insert Text into Images by Phyllis Inward Page 3
8 To remove the text box BORDER: Click on the TEXT Box to make it live. Click on the FORMAT TAB – Click on the “Down Arrow” beside SHAPE OUTLINE > Select NONE. The Text Box outline will disappear.
9. Now all that’s left is to format the FONT . This must be one that is installed on your computer. The procedure is the normal method for changing font, type, size and colour in WORD.
Highlight the word you have typed – chose font and size and colour. It’s usually best to have the word/s centred.
Insert Text into Images by Phyllis Inward Page 4
That’s all there is to it.
This method also works if you wish to add information to a photograph.
To remove the white background of the Text Box.
At #8, when you are removing the Shape Outline – the button above is where you must also remove the Shape fill to NONE.
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