About Me


It’s hard to write something about one’s self without it sounding like a resume for a job. It can be too self-important, too desperate, or just plain boring. I can’t guarantee this will be any better – but here goes:

I’m not sure that we know when we are children that we are learning skills that will last a lifetime.  As a young teenager in London, England, watching and learning from my maternal grandmother as she made the most amazing flowers from paper I didn’t realise that I was being injected with the “creative bug”.  Neither did I realise that my paternal grandmother was also doing her own bit of inoculation when she allowed me to practice sewing with her treadle sewing machine.

Of course, my father was the initial instigator and daily supervising instructor. He was a real handyman kind of guy. He could do anything: mend a clock, build a shelf, or polish a floor. An unusual man for his time he saw nothing odd in teaching his daughter how to hold a bunch of brads (very small nails) in her mouth prior to hammering them into an object.

In due course all these sub-conscious lessons came together.

I became a mother – my most creative job so far!

I became a painter – not very good,  judging by the fact that I didn’t make any money doing it.

I became a “How-To” writer.  My articles included making balloons from fabric, a children’s slide from wood, and building a fort for play. I remember one time my editor wanted to focus on gymnastics for very young children. So, I built a trampoline from a tire, a balance beam from a piece of 4″x4”, a collapsible high jump and various other items.  I think I had as much fun building it as the children had playing with it.

I’m old now.  My saws and my hammers are long gone away to never-never land.  My sewing machine is gathering dust.  I have cupboards full of fabric which will eventually turn to dust, but I have the most amazing way of keeping my grey cells alive. I got a booster shot for my “creative bug” when I discovered Adobe Photoshop.  I design “digital doodads”. I love creating tags and bottle caps. I love discovering long dead artists whose work is now in the Public Domain and incorporating their prized creations with my humble offerings.

Thank you for reading so far. I would be honoured if you wish to see the results of all my creative learning by visiting my store on ETSY.



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