Mistake number: (Oh Gosh I must be in the millions by now!)

I tried to post my latest free offering on my Freebies page. Can’t figure out how.
Hope the prior post is sufficient.
It’s the thought that counts – isn’t it?


Trawling instead of Doing

Well as you can guess I’m not doing my trawling in a boat. My trawling is strictly confined to the Internet. I spend a lot more time than I should hovering over Pinterest. It constantly amazes me the variety of interests that I find there.
But, what else should I be DOING? Perhaps keeping up to date with blog might be a start!
When I started this blog I knew I would not be a prolific as I wished to be, because I get sidetracked too easily. Nevertheless I feel bad that I have not posted any FREEBIES since the first post, so I’m putting that right, right now!
I’ve made a compilation page of some of the items I offer on my ETSY STORE.
I’ll show it here and also on my FREEBIES page.
Just click and copy – no restrictions – just enjoy.
Blog Freebie

Moving along – Building the Blog

I’ve added pages.  I’ve added links.

Presently I have no idea what “Categories” are meant for, but I’m sure that in time all things will be revealed.

Today I would like to show examples of some of my work and also set-up a free image.  so here goes:

This first set of images is called “Home Help”.

They are all of darling children characters doing adult tasks.  Of course children love to copy adults at work.  Unfortunately,  as soon as they are capable of completing the task with any degree of precision they are no longer interested in doing it!

Nevertheless, it’s nice to remember.


As always – if you click on the picture it makes it larger for viewing.

I’ve chosen the Head Chef tag as a freebie.  You’ll find it on the Freebie page.