Not Just Boys Who Love Toys!

Speaking for myself I know that statement to be true. I’ve just bought an Intous pen tablet and I love it.
Of course I don’t yet know how to use it, but I can love it, can’t I?
It looks so black and so mysterious as it sits on my desk. It’s beckoning me to grab that stylus and start something, start anything. Of course I’m willing and anxious to do so but as of now I’m lost in a wilderness of confusion. Where do I start? How do I start?
I’ve done the registration so it’s truly mine now.
I’ve downloaded the manual and as

Shakespeare said “There’s the rub”.

For the benefit of my younger readers let me mention that at one time hardware and software manufacturers would print the manual and include it with the purchase. That no longer happens.
O.K. that’s fine. I just wish they would go a step further. Instead of downloading said manual to my computer I wish, (I fervently wish) it could be downloaded to my ancient brain. Because, as much as I love learning and I’m looking forward to making newer and better digital images with this new toy, I want to be able to do it yesterday!
Alright I know that’s not going to happen, so perhaps I should just show my latest creations that I’ve listed on ETSY (done without my new toy).


and another one:


I have to go now. I’ve a lot of learning to do.
So ’til new time
Thanks for dropping by.