Getting Started Full of Hope

I remember that saying about second marriages after divorce: “The triumph of hope over experience”.

That’s how I feel about this BLOG.  I’ve tried before and I know from experience that I’m not to be depended on to devote a regular daily habit of blogging, yet here I am hoping that I can triumph over my natural inclinations.

I want to succeed, but there is this little demon who resides in my psyche who whispers to me: “Why are you doing this?

To answer him honestly I have to admit that I consider MY blogging to be what I call “Three EEEs”: An Extremely Egotistical Endeavour.

Nevertheless, I’m hoping.

I’m hoping that the contents of this blog will serve some useful purpose.

I’m hoping that it won’t be entirely about ME.

I’m hoping that I won’t sound like a “Know it All”, even though I am 🙂

I’m hoping you, the ones who have taken the time to read so far, will find something of interest enough that you will come back again.